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Professional Counselor, LPC, LMHC

Hi and welcome! My name is Rhonda Matlack and I have been a Licensed Counselor since 1998. Counseling historically has been something that society has been ashamed of hence many people have suffered needlessly due to lack of support. I'm here to tell you that seeking support and moving toward emotional wellness is deserving of every individual from any walk of life. It is my philosophy that those who reach out for heIp, those that take the risk to be better, those that face their fears will have a sustainable life pattern of coping that leads to wellness.

We are all made unique, each one of us is made to serve and benefit in this life with a purpose.  Last, I believe healthcare should be made affordable to all, therefore I have a very low sliding scale to offer folks. Get in touch to learn more.  If you do not have a Primary Care Physician click here             for a listing.

Rhonda Matlack, MA LPC, LMHC is a member of and practices:

  • Pennsylvania Counseling Association

  • Association for Spiritual, Ethical & Religious Values 

  • International Association for Trauma Professionals

  • Clinical Supervision Certificate / University of North Carolina (ACS Credential)

  • Supervision of Masters Level LPC Clinicians (pending licensure state of PA)


Malvern, Chester County 19355

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Trauma Recovery

Rest, Redirect, Relax!

Trauma recovery takes time.  The time it takes is unique to everyone and the path to recovery is unique to your blueprint. Traumatic events can cause "injury to the brain, the brain chemistry never performs the same way again it adapts for survival."  If you have been impacted by a traumatic event whether it be one time or repeated events , those suffering from loss, impacted by suicide of a loved one, assault, etc then please take the time to heal, and redirect your energy. Call me, let us work on a plan towards a peaceful mindset and improvement in the quality of your life. Read More.