Welcome!  Seeking counseling is a healthy start to making, accepting and striving for change. Wellness consists of having options to work through issues and choose better path. Goals are important to set yet it can be confusing in terms of how to set a better path forward. My counseling services are customized to your vision of becoming a better you.  The initial visit is free so we can take the time to outline a blueprint of your needs.  No internal goal is superficial it all matters in terms of improving the quality of your life.  Call or email to set up a time to discuss your future. 

This practice supports people of all races, gender, sexual orientation, political beliefs, culture, religion and ethnicity.

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"In the vacant places we will build new bricks"

T.S Eliot, The Rock


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Trauma Recovery

Rest, Redirect, Relax!

Trauma recovery takes time.  The time it takes is unique to everyone and the path to recovery is unique to your blueprint. Traumatic events can cause "injury to the brain, the brain chemistry never performs the same way again it adapts for survival."  If you have been impacted by a traumatic event whether it be one time or repeated events , those suffering from loss, impacted by suicide of a loved one, assault, etc then please take the time to heal, and redirect your energy. Call me, let us work on a plan towards a peaceful mindset and improvement in the quality of your life. Read More.