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Support That Makes a Difference

Change does not come about easy. To understand where you are and where you want to be the use of cognitive therapies such as understanding your schema and developing new thinking paths to correlate with where you want to go is most beneficial.  If you are struggling with depression, anxiety, life changes, illness, conflict, loss, relationship issues the you have come to the right place. Cognitive work requires the willingness to learn a new way of thinking, reacting, and adjusting in order to have a healthier life style.

World Peace

Spiritual & Emotional Well Being

Inspiration, Hope, Faith Restoration

These are challenging times we live in. Faith, hope, inspiration can sometimes be lost to unforeseen challenges or loss.  Universally, everyone gets out of bed in the morning seeking purpose. Sometimes we lose sight of this and are heavy minded with the day at hand. Discovering renewed spiritual faith takes energy and time. Deepening our sense of purpose is vital to a quality life.  Benefits of the service are to provide you with a safe place to work through your Spiritual & Religious perspective with the rest of your wellness plan.  Those with no faith, those at the beginning of their journey, and those seeking a deeper understanding of their life. This is a place of learning, pause, reflection, time, and energy renewal.   Call its your time to make a change. 

Interpersonal Coaching Session

Embrace Life’s Challenges

With my coaching sessions, you’ll learn about acceptance and how to exert your power of choice over whatever life may throw at you. It's important to gain insight as you move into new phases of your life.  To face covert and overt challenges working with a professional to recognize limits and new capabilities for yourself can be rewarding and worthwhile. Learn to evaluate the skills you have to transform then in a new way for more career or personal choices.  Take the time, make the time.  Just call for a 1st free appointment.

Fall Foliage

Trauma Recovery

Rest, Redirect, Relax!

Trauma recovery takes time.  The time it takes is unique to everyone and the path to recovery is unique to your blueprint. Traumatic events can cause "injury to the brain, the brain chemistry never performs the same way again it adapts for survival."  If you have been impacted by a traumatic event whether it be one time or repeated events , those suffering from loss, impacted by suicide of a loved one, assault, etc then please take the time to heal, and redirect your energy. Call me, let us work on a plan towards a peaceful mindset and improvement in the quality of your life. Read More.